How to Regain Your Motivation to Work after the Holidays

A long holiday break can cause some to want to sleep in, slack off, and take another day off. Maybe you find yourself yawning a little more than usual? Well, here’s some inspiration and a few tips to get yourself back into your work routine.

Fix your sleep schedule

First thing’s first, getting a good night’s sleep is key to feeling well the following day. You may have gotten used to staying up late, so it may take a couple of nights of readjusting to an earlier bedtime schedule. However it is important that you start trying right away. Don’t give in to the idea of going to bed late, no matter how much you want to.

You may need to give yourself an extra push early in the morning, so set your alarm to wake you up a few minutes earlier than usual. This can give you the few minutes needed to rest before getting up. On waking up, stand up and stretch to get the blood flowing. A nice splash of cool water on your face will wake you up and get you into the kitchen for a quick cup of coffee and a bite of food. Skipping breakfast can leave you feeling drained, especially if all you have had is coffee. A fast bowl of quick cooking oatmeal can give you energy till lunch. If you don’t have time to sit down to eat, a protein bar can help, or a fruit protein smoothie. Shakes are quick and you can even purchase some that are ready-to-go.

Fight distraction

You have gotten up and had a good breakfast; you’re ready to face the day. So, why is it that once we are at work, we tend to lose the get up and go motivation? Our thoughts start to wander and we find ourselves thinking about recent fun times, seeing family, or even stressful situations that may have occurred over the holiday. There is a lot that we put ourselves through during the holidays. We are rushing around town, shopping, traveling to distant locations and dealing with the stress that comes with these activities. It’s no wonder that our minds and health suffer some aftereffects. However, it is necessary to try and fight all this distraction because it can affect your work adversely.

Go outside at lunch

Instead of feeling stuck in the office or break room for lunch, get some fresh air. Even if you bring your lunch from home, you can enjoy it outside on a picnic bench or table, and rest in the sunshine. Going out with your co-worker friends for lunch, even to the nearby deli, can be a fun little respite. Having a nice break midday can be very uplifting and keep you fresh for the rest of the day.

Take Time to Unwind

After work each day, take some moments to enjoy some “me time”. Read an article, stop and look at the beach, or lake nearby. Enjoy feeding the birds at a park. Also, eating dinner out a couple nights a week is a great way to allow yourself to have a nice time after work. Treat yourself with good, calm moments. Remind yourself that work weeks can be enjoyable too.

If you follow these tips, you can easily regain your motivation to work after to holidays.

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