How to Create and Manage a Distributed Team of Freelancers

Freelance websites have completely revolutionized how business is conducted these days. If you are a business owner, you can find suitable talent from around the world at the click of a button. Doing so is not only cheaper but also comes with lesser restrictions than traditional talent hunting. However, it is important to note that the dynamics of a distributed team are much different than those of a traditional one and there are several challenges that you might have to overcome. The tips given in this article will help you create and manage a distributed team of freelancers.

1. Find people who can add genuine value to your business

Your aim should be to create a team of people who want to add genuine value to your business instead of just going through the motions to get paid. It is necessary to put together like-minded individuals who offer even greater value as a collective whole. Finding such people might seem difficult but if you keep your eyes and ears open during the interview process you can easily separate the wheat from the chaff.

2. Hire people with relevant skills

Select team members who have demonstrated skills that are relevant to your desired project. When all team members have the required skills, an atmosphere of mutual respect is likely to exist. Distributing tasks to individuals within a team should be done in a logical manner. What this means is that you should be able to judge the individual temperament and knowledge of each team member and assign work accordingly. It is also important that every freelancer understands what their role is within the larger team goals.

3. Follow proven management principles

Adhere to tried and tested management principles. Set clear incentives for freelancers who are doing their best work. Have a plan to deal with any potential problems as efficiently as possible. Implement such methods that can ensure that a task can be performed in the most effective manner when several team members are working together. When tasks are being fulfilled in an effective manner by individuals working on their own, give them space to complete their tasks to the best of their ability which can later on be merged with the whole project.

4. Use technology to make your life easier

Managing a team can be strenuous but today’s technology can make your life easier. For task management use a service like Jira or Asana. These systems are tailor-made for distributed teams and can make things more manageable and organized for everyone involved. Similarly you can use one of the many time-tracking systems available on the internet to keep an eye on everyone’s progress.

The demands of any internet business are constantly shifting but the principles that make a successful team remain the same. If you follow the simple guidelines given in this article you can create a team that is not only profitable for your business but also provides the freelancers an opportunity to grow.

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