Best Places to Get Freelance Work Done Effectively

As a freelancer, the freedom can sometimes be stifling in a bad way. You will find that a suitable work environment is an important contributor to your productivity and will determine the amount of work you can get done in a day.

Offices can seem a bit constrictive and formal, not to mention require the appropriate workplace attire. What you need is the perfect balance between open space and a distraction-free setting that can really get your creative juices flowing. If you haven’t tried it already, this is one of the places you should really consider:

The Coffee Shop

Other than the soothing humdrum of conversation that goes on in your typical coffee shop, little else can be cause for distraction at your local coffee shop. According to studies the background noise from a coffee shop is actually a productivity booster rather than a distraction. In fact, there are a number of websites and mobile apps that try to simulate the coffee shop environment with the help of ambient noises.

Getting yourself a nicely lit corner table, perhaps with unobstructed view through the window can do wonders to put you at ease even in an unfamiliar location. The occasional cup of java should be a welcome boost to your energy and should keep you focused on the task throughout the day.

The Park

If you don’t mind having the sounds of children and pets running around as your background noise, then the serenity that is offered by the park could be just what your productivity levels need. Pick a nice shady spot that is relatively isolated, since you don’t want any interruptions. Assuming your work primarily happens on your laptop, there is little else you will need to lug around with you on your trips to your improvised outdoor office. The only issue with the park is that the weather doesn’t always want to cooperate.

Home Offices

A home office is sometimes an absolute necessity, especially when it comes to contributing towards the growth of your freelance business. You can personalize it as much as you would like and go a little bit overboard to make it as comfortable for you as possible. This is the best way to get your focus at 100% and to enhance your work rate. We have written a separate guide to help you setup the ideal home office.

Coworking Spaces

If you are worried that the above locations might be too unconventional for you and hurt your chances of being disciplined then a coworking space might be just what you need. These spaces offer a lot of freedom as you can come and go when you like but the environment is much more professional. This is why coworking spaces are taking the entrepreneurial world by a storm.

Anywhere you feel comfortable enough to work that has minimum distractions is a great place to keep your freelancing business alive. As long as you can enjoy long periods of uninterrupted focus, you can work from virtually anywhere you want.

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