How To Tweak Your Home Office For Maximum Productivity

Many people have some type of home office where they work either for themselves or for their employer. For online freelancers this office is the most important part of the house since it can have a direct impact on their output. In this article, we’re going to discuss how to tweak your home office for maximum productivity.

1. Keep Your Desktop Clutter Free

The most important space in any home office is the desktop. Many people find that they’re most productive when they are working at a well organized desktop that’s clear of clutter. When there is no clutter (or distractions) on your desktop, chances of focusing on your work are much higher as compared to if there are some things lying around which might distract you. Consider getting a desk which has drawers so that you can conveniently put away all the unnecessary items. Moreover, when you are setting up your home office, you should ensure that you put all of things you need in close proximity so you can access them easily without having to get up.

2. Acquire the Right Type of Furniture

Instead of spending your hard earned cash on things which look nice, creating a practical work space should be your main priority. Having a good chair which offers proper back support and a high quality desk which has abundant storage options and can contain all of your stuff is crucial. You need to lock down all the practical elements before you start thinking about aesthetics. Some extra additions like artwork may add life to your home office but too much of anything might end up becoming a distraction.

3. Get Green Plants and Natural Light

Natural light and green plants can boost your creativity by up to 70%. Moreover, the plants will look nice in your home office and the natural light will really brighten up the space. When considering the ideal location of a home office, you should think about the setting that will lend itself to most amount of natural light. If the situation allows it, you can even position your desktop near the window. Placing your desk near or against a wall may make you feel suffocated.

4. Control the Sounds

Sound/noise can be a huge distraction in any home office, therefore you need to think about where you are setting up your working space; is it right next to the squeaky furnace fans or such other distractions? If you’re in a room which has a bare floor, you may find out that throwing down a good rug will help absorb some of the echoes and sounds. If there’s a lot of human traffic in the room above your working space, you may consider insulating your home office ceiling so as to minimize the noise.

Following these tips will help you setup the ideal home office for your freelance business.

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