Tips on Acing Your Next Client Interview as a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is one of the most liberating jobs present today. You get to create your own content and do it whenever and however you want to. However, interviews with potential clients are an important part of a freelancer’s work life. Employees in conventional jobs may go for years without having to take an interview. Unlike them, interviews for any freelancer are an everyday part of the job. As a freelancer it’s important to keep in mind that it is more likely than not that you are not the only one being interviewed. It is crucial that you have a unique pitch that can help you to stand out from others so that you can land the gig. This article provides insight into how you will convince a client that you are the best candidate for their project.

The Pitch

To create a good first impression on the client, one of the most important tactics is to prepare an impressive elevator pitch. The idea behind an elevator pitch is to create a positive impression of yourself on the client in as little time as possible. Imagine how long an elevator ride lasts, a good salesperson will pitch and leave you with a decision to make in that short while. It is the same for freelancers. A good pitch should;

  • Be brief- make sure you are clear in your communication and provide relevant information.
  • Include a link to some of your work
  • Contain a background of your experience
  • Convey great attitude towards handling projects since most of the applicants have similar skills
  • Be candid about your skills

The Interview

When it comes to the actual interview you need to be well prepared before hand. Here are a few tips which can help you to achieve that:

1. Be proactive

The best way to be prepared for an interview is to be proactive. You should look into the project description beforehand and also conduct a little research on the client and the previous projects he did. When you are well versed about the client and their project, you will be better placed to provide reliable solutions and new and creative ideas to improve the project.

2. Ask questions

If the client gives you an overview of the project, make sure to ask questions. This will communicate that you are enthusiastic about completing the project with success. It will also demonstrate confidence in your ability to execute the project.

3. Respond quickly and smartly

If your interview is online, you should also make sure that you make timely responses and answer the client’s questions concisely. Responding on time tells the client that you are a professional while also cultivating an air of urgency.

4. A few other tips

For a face to face meeting, you need to arrive on time and dress smartly. Also never quote your charges per hour before you know the client’s budget and the nature of the project. Another way to win a client’s confidence is by giving them a way to get in contact with you. This can be your phone number, email, Skype or instant messaging.

The bottom line is, a client needs to smell the confidence. All the best!

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