Tips for Attracting the Right Freelancers for Your Project

Many project owners do not know how to write an effective project description when hiring an online freelancer. This results in attracting many wrong bids that crowd the field hence clouding decision making. When you have a clear and descriptive project, you will get bids focused on what you need. Here are some tips to crafting your project on a freelancing website like Toptal or Upwork.

Name your project

It is very important to give your project the correct and attractive name. Make it professional, catchy, informative and simple.

Rough description

A short description of your project is required to help guide the freelancer on exactly what it is about. Give reasons why you need it, the benefits it will provide and the outcomes you expect.

Explain the project requirements

Be as detailed as you possibly can about the project requirements to help the freelancer understand what you want and if they can fulfill your business needs. This clears any confusion that may appear and prevents wrong bids from being placed. The details are what will separate the best freelancers for your project from all the irrelevant ones.

Detail the workflow and implementation

If you do not know how to write an effective project description when hiring an online freelancer, this point is critical. Describe the phases you expect the freelancer to follow and your actual expectation. This makes communication easy all through the project cycle when you award it. Be realistic in terms of time, budget, and be understanding on the freelancer and the level of quality that can be expected.

Have a clear schedule

Both for you and the freelancer, time is too valuable so create a clear schedule that is attainable. Clearly, state your time restrictions and the schedule for completion of the project to get the freelancer who has that time and can work in the shortest time possible as per your needs.

Be precise on your budget

A clear and fair budget is very important. The right freelancer will place a bid after assessing your needs, time constraints and the given budget to see if all are flowing in the same direction. Give a clear amount and don’t keep them guessing; this might discourage qualified freelancers from bidding.

Refer to other project descriptions To learn how to write an effective project description when hiring an online freelancer, you can see what other project owners are posting on other platforms. This can help you design the project description in a professional way resulting in you getting the best freelancer without having to go through hundreds or thousands of irrelevant bids.

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