How to Take a Break When You Are a Freelancer

There is a fine line between being a dedicated freelancer and a workaholic. You don’t have the luxury of a fixed paycheck each month. Neither do you know when your most valuable client might suddenly stop having a need for your services. These reasons may keep you working more hours than you need to. But, you turned to freelancing for a reason. That reason more often than not was to take charge of your destiny, your finances and your time. You are in charge of the hours you put in. So, remember to take a break once in a while to avoid burnout. Here’s how to take a break when you are a freelancer:

1) Take short breaks after a few hours of work:

You simply must schedule short breaks throughout the day. Doing so will ensure you refresh your brain cells. It will also help you not become a victim to work related injuries such as repetitive strain injury. Do a few stretches, have a cup of coffee, grab a snack, make a phone call to friend or family. Any of these will help you stay fresh throughout the day.

2) Have at least one off day in a week:

Freelancers have the luxury of taking time off any day of the week. It doesn’t need to be on the weekend. You can decide to work on Sunday and take Monday off. You are absolutely free to do so! Use your day off to meet some friends, visit a nightclub or catch a movie. Working 7 days a week is the surest way to collapse from exhaustion.

3) Put time aside for a vacation:

Doctors recommend going on a holiday at least once a year. That is all the more important if you are a freelancer. Plan your vacation ahead of time and let your clients know that you won’t be available during that period. Ensure that you mark those days on your calendar and complete your projects well in advance. Work more if you need to, closer to your vacation. Doing so will make sure that you can switch off completely when you are traveling.

4) Think of delegating some of your work:

An excellent way to take a break is to delegate some of your work to another freelancer. If you are thinking of going on vacation for a week and have work piled up, get another freelancer to help you out. Doing so will help you take a break without it adversely affecting your work. But, make sure that you bring the other freelancer up to speed before you go on that break.

5) Plan your post-break projects ahead of time:

You don’t want to spend time while on your break planning your post-break projects. Make a plan on which projects you’ll tackle after you get back before you even leave. Doing so will help free you up to enjoy your break. It will also help you get a head start after you are back.

Even though you are a freelancer, you need to have regular breaks to recharge your batteries. Short breaks during the day, at least once during the week and one vacation during the year should be non-negotiable. Don’t be a slave to work just because you are a freelancer. Follow our tips above to get the most out of your freelancing life.

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