How to Manage Your Time When Working with Multiple Clients

One important aspect of being a successful freelancer is developing an effective time management plan. This will allow you to complete projects within the agreed time frame, leave a better impression on clients and increase your freelance earnings. However, every experienced freelancer knows that this is easier said than done. In most cases, freelancers have to work with several clients simultaneously and, more often than not, working on multiple projects at the same time can become overwhelming. So the big question is: how can you manage time when working with multiple clients? Below are tips to help you.

1. Keep your calendar up to date

If you want to manage time effectively when working with multiple clients then you need to keep your calendar up to date. Your calendar will help you label important dates and allow you to understand which projects are urgent and which ones are not. This way, you will be able to prioritize the projects that require immediate attention instead of spending time on the ones that can be completed at a later time.

2. Promise only what you can deliver

As a freelancer, sometimes it can be very difficult to say no to an assignment. After all, finding consistent work is one of the hardest parts of being a freelancer. However if you take too much work from clients it may start to overwhelm you and eventually you may find yourself struggling to meet deadlines. You may also end up submitting substandard work. So, one very important aspect of managing time when working with multiple clients is promising only what you can deliver. Also, when sending an estimated due date for a project, you need to be realistic enough so that you don’t find yourself struggling to meet deadlines.

3. Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination can throw off your schedule leading to frustration. This will not only affect the quality of work that you will submit to your clients but will also have a negative impact on your health. To improve your time management skills, you need to stop putting off work. At the beginning of each week, create a to-do list and be realistic about your availability when you are making the list.

Time-management is important in any job but since freelancers have to plan their work without anyone’s help, it becomes all the more important for them. If you are working as a freelancer then you should use technology to your advantage, make sure you don’t promise anything you can’t do and avoid procrastination at all costs. Otherwise your business might eventually dry up.

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