How to Juggle School and Freelancing

Expenses can start mounting when you are a student. Tuition, night-outs, parties all add up. Have you considered freelancing while you are a student? It’s a great way to earn some income on the side. But, you should do it in a systematic fashion to ensure that your studies don’t suffer. Read on for our tips on how to juggle school and freelancing.

1) Make classes your top priority:

Even though this may seem to be obvious, it can be tempting to put your freelancing assignments before your classes. Doing this is a mistake since your classes should always be your top priority. In case you feel that your freelance projects are taking over most of your time, do cut down. You need to maintain your grades, and for that, you need maximum focus on your studies. If you have a demanding client, be polite yet firm when saying no. Never take up any freelance assignments until you have finished all your school work for each day. Yes, you should deliver your freelance projects on time. But, never at the expense of your studies.

2) Tell your clients that you are a student:

Don’t be shy of sharing the fact that you are at school. Clients will appreciate your being honest with them. In all probability, they may go the extra mile when it comes to project deadlines. In case they do not understand, you shouldn’t consider taking up their project at all. Be sure to mention that you study in school on your profile and your website. By declaring your status upfront, you are implicitly making clear that school is your priority.

3) Track your free time in a judicious fashion:

Educational institutes give a great opportunity to socialize, join clubs, attend parties. As a freelancer and a student, you need to know that you’ll have to prioritize your after-school activities. Remember that you are juggling your freelancing career and your school. As a result, you might not have too much free time to spend socializing. However, do let your hair down once in a while. But partying 5 times a week is a great way of ensuring that your freelance career remains stillborn.

4) Stay organized:

With multiple tasks you need to handle, it is essential that you stay organized. Don’t keep everything in your head, put it down on paper. Compartmentalize your school tasks and your freelance projects. Maintain task lists and use them to prioritize. Use calendaring tools and email reminders to remind you of important project deadlines (and critical classes!).

5) Don’t have a nervous breakdown:

Pace yourself wisely. Don’t take up too many projects which will end up causing you sleepless nights. Being attentive while attending your classes is as important as meeting client deadlines, at times even more so. Take up projects only if you are sure you will be able to deliver it without becoming a nervous wreck. At times, you can even consider taking up challenging school courses only if you are sure you will do justice to them. If you have the choice of opting for electives you can complete with minimal effort, go for them.

Freelancing is a great way of earning some extra income to help you through your days at school. However, never forget that your primary goal is to pass school with good grades. Don’t overexert yourself while freelancing and use it as a side occupation rather than a full-time obsession. Follow our tips on how to juggle school and freelancing to come out on top.

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