How Hiring a Freelance Virtual Assistant Might Change Your Life

Are you an entrepreneur or an internet business owner with not enough hours in the day? Do you struggle to complete your task list and end up working more than 10-12 hours a day? If yes, then you need to manage your time better. You should consider delegating your work to a virtual assistant to reclaim your life. Here are some ways how hiring a freelance virtual assistant might change your life completely.

1) Outsource checking your email:

As an entrepreneur, you might be checking your email every half hour. You daren’t miss out on any important emails either from a customer or business contact. But, if you take the time out to read each email, you can’t utilize that time to grow your business. After all, each email which comes to you doesn’t need to be read (or responded to) immediately. A freelance virtual assistant can a great asset in freeing up your time by filtering important emails and taking care of the rest. You can also train him or her to respond on your behalf. Be sure that you give enough guidance to him or her on how to pick out which are the important emails.

2) Do online research on your behalf:

Online research is necessary but can be time-consuming. Looking up corporate websites and extracting relevant information; doing a background check of potential employees; exploring new business contacts. All these tasks are important but a freelance virtual assistant can do them under your guidance. You do have to ensure that you provide enough handholding during the initial period and then let your virtual assistant take over. You will save considerable time by doing so and use it productively elsewhere.

3) Research travel options:

Freelance virtual assistants can be awesome resources for your travel plans. They can handle booking flights, doing research on hotels and mapping out travel itineraries. Travel might be an important aspect of your business which you won’t want to delegate. But you will save time and effort by delegating the travel planning tasks to your virtual assistant.

4) Do your scheduling for you.

A freelance virtual assistant is a great resource to manage your calendar. Your virtual assistant can take care of tasks such as tackling meeting invitations, scheduling appointments and helping to plan business events. With the plethora of online calendars available, delegating this aspect of your life to your virtual assistant will free your time considerably.

5) Manage your social media accounts:

LinkedIn, Twitter, your business Facebook account, all of these need regular updates. But doing so takes time and effort. Instead of doing these yourself, delegate the management of your social media accounts to your freelance virtual assistant. You can even guide your virtual assistant to make a summary of relevant social media posts throughout the day and send it to you in easily consumable bite-sized chunks.

The most valuable thing in life is time. Everybody has just 24 hours in a day. Running a business is not easy if you try doing everything yourself. If you try doing this, you will have a tendency to burn out sooner rather than later. Hire a freelance virtual assistant to reclaim a few hours of your day. Doing this will help you focus your business efforts and will also give you the opportunity to get such much-needed rest at the end of the day.

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