Can Freelancers Promote Themselves in the Offline World?

Most freelancers think that the only way to get their next gig is using online means. With freelancing sites a dime-a-dozen, few freelancers think of marketing themselves offline. So, can freelancers promote themselves in the offline world? Yes, they can. Read on to know more.

1. Word of mouth:

Don’t be shy to ask your friends, family and acquaintances to spread the word about what you can offer as a freelancer. Word of mouth promotion works even in the online age. You never know when a casual word can lead to your next gig.

2. Network actively:

Be sure to keep a look out for industry events in your city. Trade shows, conferences, and events are all great places to make new contacts. Carry your business card and hand them out to attendees at such events. You will definitely make new contacts, and that can lead to a productive business relationship.

3. Take out an ad in the local newspaper or magazine:

It might be surprising to think that people still browse through adverts in newspapers and magazines. If you publish a creative ad in them, then you are likely to get people calling you in response.

4. Find out new businesses in your area and cold-call them:

Cold calling is one of the oldest ways of generating sales. Even today, you can do this to drum up some business especially during lean spells. Yes, you might have to make 100 calls to get 5 maybes. But, that’s 5 new contacts for you to follow up with.

5. Tie up with local printing agencies:

Find out small to medium size printing agencies in your locality. Connect with them and offer them a commission if they refer any of their customers to you. Following this path can reap dividends and help grow your freelancing business.

6. Join a group:

Joining an offline group is a great way of promoting yourself in the offline world. Find out business groups in your city where you can enroll without many hassles. You can also join groups unrelated to your business (e.g. – a hobby group) as well. The more people you can network with, the better for you.

7. Get some flyers printed and put them up at coffee shops:

Be quirky and funny when you are promoting yourself offline. Coffee shops are not the usual place where freelancers usually advertise themselves. Take advantage of this. Print some flyers promoting yourself and add a pinch of humor to the mix. Think out of the box and make people smile when they read your flyers. You may get your next freelance opportunity as a result of this!

Freelancers nowadays generally do not think outside the online world when it comes to self-promotion. Thinking like this is a mistake because there are enough ways to promote your freelance business in the offline world as well.

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