5 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Freelance Writing Career

If you are a freelance writer then you must understand how difficult it is to stay motivated day after day. Oftentimes the careers of even the most promising freelancers start to go downhill after a while. After all, it is a very competitive field with so many writers adopting it on a daily basis. The following tips will teach you how to reinvigorate your freelance writing career.

1. Narrow your focus

Make sure you narrow down your writing to focus on only two to three interests. These fields could be what you are passionate about, a subject that you are knowledgeable about or an area that offers a lot of well-paying jobs. By doing this you are able to sharpen your skills in these areas and this sets you apart as an expert in the said fields. As a result, people will give high regard to your work in these areas.

2. Market yourself

Take advantage of every opportunity to introduce yourself as a writer. This helps to catch the attention of a possible future employer as well as providing you with the opportunity to talk about your work further. In addition, introduce yourself to writing groups and provide your business card at the end of your emails. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, tell people that you are a freelance writer. This gives you a cutting edge over other writers.

3. Join online writing groups

Do not be a lone ranger. Join online writing groups where you can get to interact with other writers and learn new ideas from them. In addition, in these platforms you get to read other people’s work that will sharpen your own skills and you can learn a thing or two from cultivating this habit. Moreover, they will give you some genuine feedback that will help you in improving your work.

4. Focus on writing for websites

Whereas many writers long to have their work appear in major magazines or books, one simple way of sharpening your skills is through websites. Websites offer you a canvas to present your work on and you can showcase these samples to future employers at book publishing companies or magazines. Breaking into freelancing requires determination and a lot of planning.

5. Open yourself to new possibilities

Do not limit yourself. Be open to explore new aspects of your career. For instance, if you have been writing articles only, start to venture into e-books, media releases, newsletters, ghost writing, fiction, non -fiction writing and so on. This way, you will never become redundant in online freelancing as your varied skills will speak for themselves.

To succeed as a freelancer, ensure that you follow the above tips on how to keep your skills up-to-date in the fast paced world of online freelancing.

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