10 Tools That Every Modern Freelancer Needs

Many people think that freelancing is a cakewalk but that’s not true. A freelancer needs to manage a gamut of activities including project management, accounting and billing, lead generation, timely delivery, follow-ups and so on. Managing a small business all by yourself can be tedious however; you can make your life simpler by embracing technology and its handy tools. As a freelancer, you must know and you should take advantage of tools that can streamline certain processes of your business. Here is a list of 10 handy tools every freelancer should know about.

1. Evernote: Creative geniuses know that a brilliant idea can occur any time. Jot down your thoughts, inspirations or ideas in form of words. You can work on them at your own convenience. You can also search for the items stored in Evernote through voice messages. Writers and designers can use Evernote to share their creative thoughts with their clients.

2. Free Agent: If you are struggling with tax calculation or invoice preparation, turn to Free Agent. Free agent is wonderful software that can help you to create invoices, manage your finances and calculate your taxes. It is available in three different versions depending upon the type of your business. Variants of free agent are partnership firm, limited company and sole traders.

3. Curdbee: Curdbee is one of the most popular invoicing apps available today. Curdbee offers a free variant, which has power, packed features to make your life simpler. You can opt for the Pro version or big version that allow access to premium features of the software. There is no limit on the number of clients managed in Curdbee.

4. Turbo Tax: Turbo Tax is one of the most popular automated tax calculation software. It can import data from different resources and save you the time and effort and reentering the data in the system.

5. Remember the Milk: It is a free to-do app that keeps a track of pending items

6. Less Accounting: Less accounting is best suited for sole traders. It is a no frills software that comes with the ability to import transactions from your account.

7. Blink Pay: An amazing app that allows the system to send automated payment reminders to the client. It also enables clients to make a payment by using credit cards instead of relying on conventional payment modes.

8. Base camp: Base camp is one of best tools for project management. It helps you to track multiple clients through a single user console.

9. Harvest: A simple and effective time tracking app is Harvest. It gives you detailed break up of your time spent and thereby allows you to bill in an accurate manner.

10. Fresh books: Fresh Books is one of the most popular and powerful billing, invoicing and time tracking application. It has comprehensive features that help you to prepare professional invoices in matter of seconds.

With the help of these tools your life can become much easier.

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