Tips on How To Write Effective Sticky Content

It’s been shown that more than half of the visitors to any web page spend less than 15 seconds on it and require only 8 minutes to decide if they want to go on looking at the content or move away. This short time spent on the web page is what makes sticky content very important.

Sticky content can be defined as any content that is published online with the aim of getting a user to return to it over and over or at least hold his attention long enough so that he spends a long period of time on it. This type of content is used by website builders to minimize bounce rates and increase the overall popularity of their sites. The content should be memorable and the readers should find value in it. It should also be good enough for them to share with their friends. “Sticky” content can be a clever ad, a viral video or a catchy slogan. One can determine if what he is publishing is catchy by asking himself if visitors to the page can easily remember it.

Tips for Writing Effective Sticky Content

1. Amp the targets’ Emotion

If a publisher can amp the emotions of the readers, he or she can easily make them stick to the page and come back later. This can be done by asking questions that make the audience think or sharing things that people usually find easy to relate to. If the audience shares your feelings, excitements or concerns then they will keep coming back to your website.

2. Tell stories

It is a natural human characteristic to think in stories. So it’s not surprising that a lot of the sticky content available on the internet is in the form of relatable and realistic stories. So if you can’t talk to your audience on an emotional level then you should creates engaging stories that the audience can keep coming back to and share with their friends. This is a strategy that has been proven to work for thousands of website owners.

3. Build credibility

People will keep visiting a particular site only if they have confidence in it. There are number of ways to improve the credibility of your site. Firstly, you should invest in your website’s design and loading speed. These two things are often ignored by internet marketers but they are extremely important for online credibility. You should also help others on popular forums to build a reputation in your niche. Once you have gained some credibility things will start rolling on their own and your website will become more successful then ever. Sticky content itself increases the credibility of your products hence making them appealing to more people. The more confidence the audience has in what they see on your page, higher is the probability of them coming back and referring their friends.

Sticky content has a lot of power in making your product more noticeable and your page revisited and shared. It prevents your material from getting lost in the sea of content available online. Therefore it is important that you produce sticky content for your site. Hopefully the tips given here will make the task easier for you.

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