Things Freelance Employers Can Do to Ensure Timely Deliveries

If you work with freelancers, you might have faced delays in project deliveries. There are certain things you should do to ensure that your project is a success and is delivered on time. Read on for our tips on things employers can do to ensure timely deliveries.

1) Create a project brief and write down the scope of work:

Prepare a comprehensive project brief containing the full scope of work. Write down what are the deadlines, milestones, and deliverables. Don’t leave anything open-ended. Define clearly what you will pay for and what you won’t. Doing this will ensure that no misunderstandings take place.

2) Build a relationship with your freelancer:

Even though a freelancer is not a permanent resource, take care to build a genuine relationship with him or her. You don’t have to become their best friend, but it doesn’t hurt to spend a few minutes asking how their day has been. Even though the freelancer is not your full-time employee, relationship building will help to form a bond between the two of you. Building a positive relationship with your freelancer helps ensure they are motivated to deliver your project on time.

3) Clearly communicate time frames, requirements, expectations:

Ensure that your freelancer is aware of the time frame for the project. Communicate requirements and expectations before awarding them the project. Set down meeting agendas, and circulate minutes of meetings as soon as possible. Clear communication is one of the main things in ensuring that project schedules don’t slip.

4) Use scheduling tools:

There are lots of scheduling and calendaring tools out there, so be sure to make optimal use of them. Google Calendar, Calendly, and Droster are just a few examples. Mark milestones in these tools and ensure that your freelancer follows them on a rigorous basis.

5) Insist on regular updates:

Make a schedule of daily or alternate day updates from your freelancer. In the case of lengthy projects, this is all the more important. Getting updates on a regular basis helps you as an employer to take pro-active steps in the event of any unforeseen delays. If your freelancer knows that he has to send you an update every other day, then it will act as a motivating factor for him to make the most of the time between updates.

6) Don’t delay payment:

Never delay payment for your freelancer. Pay according to agreed milestones. Regular payment will keep your freelancer motivated, and he will be inclined to deliver projects on time. Whereas irregular payment or delayed payment may demotivate him. As a result, your projects may get delayed, or he may decide to stop working for you altogether!

When you are getting work done from a freelancer, it is imperative to take proactive steps to ensure timely delivery of your projects. Use our tips above to make sure that your work process is seamless and transparent. Doing so will ensure that your projects get done in a timely fashion.

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