The Importance of Product Descriptions for an eCommerce Site

Did you know that boring product descriptions can hurt your ecommerce site? The technical side of your ecommerce site may take lesser time to finish than writing good product descriptions. A good product description has the power of convincing buyers that they need to buy the product now and not later. It needs to be attractive and be able to entice people to buy.

Here are some reasons touching upon the importance of product descriptions for an ecommerce site:

1) Copy-paste can hurt you badly:

A few ecommerce entrepreneurs try taking shortcuts and copy-paste product descriptions. They try to save time and effort by using content from other websites or the manufacturer’s brochure. If you were thinking of doing this, be careful not to make this cardinal mistake. Google penalizes duplicate content. If your site has copied content, its search engine rankings may end up dropping substantially. Writing your own product descriptions is helpful for SEO purposes too. It allows you to write content around keywords which rank high for that particular product in search results.

2) Well-crafted product descriptions can entice more customers:

A well-written product description will end up enticing your website visitors to place an order as soon as possible. Doing so is important to stop them from shelving the thought of buying for later. It should grab their attention and make them want to buy the product right away. Make the description interesting yet short. Write great direct copy in a way that conveys the benefits of the product rather than its features.

3) Keep it short yet meaningful:

Without a good product description you can lose out on sales. A maximum of 3 to 4 well-written sentences are more than enough to get your potential customer’s attention. Stay away from fluff and long-winded descriptions. They will bore your customer and drive them away to your competitors.

Improving the quality of product descriptions

So, you now know how important good product descriptions are, but how do you go about creating a good description for all the products on your site?

1) Hire professional writers to write for you:

As an entrepreneur you will want to keep your costs low to maximize your profits. But, getting a technical person to write them for you is a bad idea unless you have vetted their writing skills. Similarly, farming out your content needs to amateurs will hurt you in the long run. Hiring a professional writer might be expensive, but it will pay off in the long run. Get writers who have experience and understand how to write direct sales copy.

2) Split test your product descriptions:

You should hire a writer who knows how to split test different descriptions for your product. Doing so will allow you to select those which work the best. As a result of this, your conversion ratio will also shoot up.

3) Have error free copy for your product descriptions in particular and your website in general:

The words on your ecommerce site have the capability to literally make or break you. Errors in copy of either your product description or other areas in your site will paint you as unprofessional. It will also give an adverse impression about your website and the products you are selling. Have an editor go over your website’s copy to check for grammatical and spelling mistakes.

It is important to take sufficient time to write quality product descriptions for your ecommerce site. You’d like to maximize your sales and increase your profits in as less a time as possible. To ensure you reach your goal follow our tips above which highlight the importance of good product descriptions and how to achieve them.

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