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5 Free WordPress Plug-Ins You Need For SEO

WordPress isn’t just easy to install and use, it is also quite SEO friendly. While the SEO world is known for drastic and dramatic changes, some basic things are likely to remain the same in the foreseeable future. Google likes internal links to useful information on your site, they like social media, and they like […]

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10 Simple Yet Powerful WordPress Gallery Plugins

WordPress needs no introduction. Millions of websites and blogs all across the world are being developed and maintained using this powerful Content Management System. WordPress developers can perform wonders on your site and come up with beautiful interfaces for your visitors. All that is possible thanks to the flexibility offered by WordPress plugins. It will […]

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Top 10 WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

Spamming has always been a big headache for bloggers. Today the problem is so severe that disabling comments completely seems to be the only fool-proof solution. However, for most bloggers this isn’t a viable option. Your blog can not become successful unless you promote discussion and allow users to leave their feedback on the posts […]

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