Pros and Cons of Using Natural Language Software to Generate Product Descriptions

Natural language software is the wave of the future when it comes to writing product descriptions. Or is it? Read on for a look at the pros and cons of generating product descriptions with the help of natural language software.


1) It is possible to generate thousands of product descriptions in a very short time:

Templates as well as product data like price, brand name, and specifications can be used by natural language software to automate writing of product descriptions. Doing so cuts down the time and effort of generating unique product descriptions for literally thousands of products.

2) Save the cost and effort of writing product descriptions manually:

Using natural language software for product descriptions helps in reducing your overall costs. Writing each product description manually takes time even for skilled writers who can write quickly. Automating this process using natural language software helps you save on cost and effort and helps to increase your profits.

Consider a scenario where you have an ecommerce site selling thousands of products in different categories. One category is televisions for which you have a total of 3,000 makes and models. You can hire a professional writer who needs 5 minutes to write a unique product description. At this speed, the entire task would take approximately 250 hours to complete. If your writer works 40 hours per week, you are looking at a bit more than 6 weeks to get the entire job done. Can your business afford to wait that long?


1) Natural language software can be over flexible at times:

It is possible to say a particular thing in ways that are completely different. Using natural language software to write your product descriptions may result in getting copy which is not what you wanted. The product descriptions might not correctly describe what you want to convey due to the ambiguity of natural language.

2) Natural language software is not the perfect fit for all scenarios:

Natural Language software is ideal for large ecommerce sites which sell thousands of products. A good example is an ecommerce site selling electronic items such as televisions and other electronic gadgets. You can use a modified natural language software template to automate writing product descriptions for thousands of TV’s. But, this approach may not work well in other scenarios. Consider if you are a start-up entrepreneur having a low number of products to sell on your site. It may be too much of an effort and expense to generate templates for all scenarios in case you don’t have a large number of products.

Natural language software is gaining ground in popularity for big ecommerce sites. It’s use is helpful in tackling challenges of coming up with unique product descriptions for a large number of products. It definitely has a long way to go before being adopted across the board, but it is a relatively easy way for the generation of thousands of product descriptions in very little time.

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