Is Freelancing Really A Better Option Than Working At An Office?

Is freelancing really a better option than working at an office? Some people say so, while others disagree. The answer is not easy. Well, freelancing has its pros and setbacks, and whether it is a good option than working at an office boils down to your commitment, personality and how you would like to work. So, to help you make an informed decision, we are going to look at how freelancing compares with full-time employment in a wide range of areas, like freedom, flexibility, commuting and more.

Freedom and flexibility

A majority of employees work much longer than the standard 9-5 and are now required to be available on email whenever they are outside their workstations. Although part-time job, reduced hours and work shares are possible, most office jobs involve an inflexible, fixed commitment to certain working hours with only a few weeks of vacation annually. Freelancing offers you freedom and flexibility, meaning you can set your own working hours, choose which assignments to accomplish, increase or decrease your working hours, and also work around family life.

No commuting everyday

The daily trips to and from work are often infuriating and insipid and can take a toll on your health. Stress, poor posture, and lack of healthy food make for many issues in office working life. As a freelancer, you can easily manage such problems from home with regular breaks as well as properly prepared foods. The extra time can be spent on work or with the family instead of fighting through the traffic. Along with freeing up a few hours to focus on work and family, you can save expenses of parking, fuel as well as car maintenance.

You have total control

As a salaried employee, you have a boss/supervisor and he tells you what to do and what not to do. Moreover, you have to adhere to the rules of the company, which can be quite extensive and strict. If you fail to adhere to the company’s rules, you will run into problems. But as a freelancer, you have more control of almost everything. For instance, you can choose which assignments to do, how many assignments to tackle and when to do them.

So, the answer of whether freelancing is a better option than working at an office boils down to what’s important to you. If you have a big mortgage to pay and a drop in income can be a catastrophe, then an employment is probably your best bet. But if you are relatively free of commitments, then freelancing may be a good option.

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