Importance of Blogging for eCommerce Site Owners

A lot of business owners are not able to visualize the benefits of blogging for their ecommerce sites. If you have hundreds or thousands of products how will blogging bring you any benefits? Read on to know about the importance of blogging for ecommerce site owners:

1) Blogging improves your search engine ranking:

Blogging can help your site when it comes to SEO. This is all the more so if the content you generate is the kind that other people link to. If an article from your blog ends up getting shared on social media and posted on other sites, your page rankings will improve. Updating a blog on a regular basis also sends out signals to search engines that you are updating your site. Each new post on your blog indicates that your site is an active one. Google and other popular search engines will reward this behavior by ranking you higher.

2) Use your blog as a marketing platform to tell a story:

Use your blog to tell engaging stories. Your readers are human and compelling stories will keep them engaged. Think of interesting stories about how you started your company. What inspired you to run your business? Contact your loyal customers for testimonials and user stories. You can also write about your products. What are their benefits, what are their unique features, how are they made? Try to use your blog to highlight what is interesting about your products. Doing so will help you sell your product in an easier fashion.

3) Personalize your business using your blog:

Blogging offers an opportunity to show the human side of your business for potential customers. You can share what you are passionate about. Blog posts give a chance to share your brand’s personality. They can also build up trust and increase the likeability quotient of your business.

4) Blogging is a great medium to achieve better customer engagement:

Blogging frequently is an excellent way to achieve better customer engagement. You can use your blog as a platform to post relevant visual content for your customers. Posting images and video on your blog might be simpler than posting it on your product pages. Doing this will result in better customer engagement. Comments from your customers whether they are complaints, accolades or inquiries should be acknowledged promptly. A quick response to a customer by a business will end up getting you appreciation not only from him or her but by other readers of your blog too.

5) Blogging on a regular basis will improve your conversion rates:

A blog that is active sends signals to your customers that your business is active and well maintained. A blog having good quality content can help in building brand loyalty. It helps in increasing customer engagement which will result in more sales for you.

So, make blogging a regular habit and use it to grow your business. If you think that blogging has no value for ecommerce sites, then you should rethink your approach. Blogging is a great fit for an ecommerce site and can help you in multiple ways.

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