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Why WordPress Is the Choice of Marketers

WordPress holds some lofty and impressive numbers. Nearly 19% of all the websites in the world use WP as their method for uploading content and creating designs. This number is staggering and accounts for many tens of millions of websites worldwide, with more being built every single day. Some people have thought of WP as […]

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How To Enqueue Scripts and Style Sheets on Pages With a Shortcode

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WordPress offers an excellent mechanism for including scripts and style sheets on posts and pages. Unfortunately a lot of new plugin developers are unaware of how WordPress’ enqueuing functions work. Many plugins available in the official repository add resources to the whole website when actually they are just needed on one or two pages. In […]

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10 Simple Yet Powerful WordPress Gallery Plugins

WordPress needs no introduction. Millions of websites and blogs all across the world are being developed and maintained using this powerful Content Management System. WordPress developers can perform wonders on your site and come up with beautiful interfaces for your visitors. All that is possible thanks to the flexibility offered by WordPress plugins. It will […]

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