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SMO – The Latest Trend in Internet Marketing

The Internet Marketing arena is changing at an amazing rate. The popularity of social media combined with an increasing importance of internet marketing has lead to a new concept called Social Media Optimization (SMO). More and more marketers from all over the world have come to realize the tremendous potential of websites like Facebook and […]

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How to Future-Proof your Link Building Strategy

The Internet wouldn’t be what it is today without constant changes and improvements. Google is pretty much the same way, especially when it comes to cultivating and promoting high-quality search engine results. Google’s new Penguin algorithm is swiftly changing the way everyone looks at link building. Like its content-oriented cousin, Google Panda, Penguin focuses on […]

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SEO for Small Businesses

Many people these days are starting small and independent businesses in order to have control over their income and financial future. With the internet constantly expanding, companies can get started with a simple website and minimal start up money. For anyone who is planning on starting a small business or has been in business for […]

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