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SEO: Why Is Context King?

Over the past several years you may have heard Internet Marketing summarized in many different ways. From the first arguments you probably have heard “Content is King!” while other people argued that “Backlinks are King!” As Google updates have changed the online landscape, a variety of things have changed, even leading to sayings like “Quality […]

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SEO Advice: Know What Google Wants!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may change over time, but there’s no question that it will always be important for someone who wants his or her website found. The good news is that while many of the rules change with every algorithm update released by Google, you can still retain your rankings by keeping in mind […]

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5 Free WordPress Plug-Ins You Need For SEO

WordPress isn’t just easy to install and use, it is also quite SEO friendly. While the SEO world is known for drastic and dramatic changes, some basic things are likely to remain the same in the foreseeable future. Google likes internal links to useful information on your site, they like social media, and they like […]

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