SMO – The Latest Trend in Internet Marketing

The Internet Marketing arena is changing at an amazing rate. The popularity of social media combined with an increasing importance of internet marketing has lead to a new concept called Social Media Optimization (SMO). More and more marketers from all over the world have come to realize the tremendous potential of websites like Facebook and Twitter. In opposition to the standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the SMO is a more engaging and targeted type of optimization.

The Difference Between SEO and SMO

While SEO is focused more on search engines, SMO focuses primarily on social media sources. Moreover, the target audience is different. The latter targets the new generation who is looking to buy more unique products and gadgets, while the former targets the regular guy shopping for a new LED TV or some motor parts.

Another difference is the goal. While SEO helps you sell something, SMO gives you important insights on how to build an active community. However, both of these optimization strategies can be used simultaneously for maximum results. For example, you can try to sell a unique weight loss product, while creating a community of loyal customers that promote your product and bring other customers.

The Importance of This Internet Marketing Trend

The truth is that both SEO and SMO are a must for any business owner who wants to keep his head above water during this prolonged economic crisis. If you want to succeed financially and to break new ground in your niche, you should make use of social media optimization techniques to promote your business online. Today, Internet marketing is becoming more and more focused on social networks than on search engines optimization, therefore you need to stay on top of the trend if you want to play it safe.

Because both SMO and SEO are used to attract people to your website without pushing a certain message to them, you can be sure that they are the best internet marketing options when it comes to attracting more visitors, and then to easily convert them into customers and even loyal customers.

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