Hassan Akhtar

I am a freelance writer, blogger and professional WordPress developer.

16 Plugins that Every WordPress Blog Should Have

WordPress is a very popular Content-Management System (CMS). Released about a decade ago, the most recent version has seen close to six million downloads until today and counting. As more and more people who are not very technically sound are building websites for themselves and their customers, the popularity of WordPress is increasing. A well-known […]

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How to Make Money with Website Flipping?

Making money on the web isn’t easy these days. The level of competition in most niches is incredibly high. However there are still some business strategies that anyone can use to make money online. One of these strategies is website flipping. As you might know, the very first step towards a successful and profitable website […]

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Kore WordPress Theme

Kore is a free, responsive, mobile-first WordPress theme designed for professional bloggers, internet marketers and business owners. Want to take your blog to the next level without spending any money? If yes then Kore is the way to go. It comes with dozens of customization options so you can make it your own. Here are […]

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