Hassan Akhtar

I am a freelance writer, blogger and professional WordPress developer.

How to Future-Proof your Link Building Strategy

The Internet wouldn’t be what it is today without constant changes and improvements. Google is pretty much the same way, especially when it comes to cultivating and promoting high-quality search engine results. Google’s new Penguin algorithm is swiftly changing the way everyone looks at link building. Like its content-oriented cousin, Google Panda, Penguin focuses on […]

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Top 20 WordPress Restaurant Themes

By purchasing a professional theme you can take your site to the next level without touching a single line of code or hiring a designer. Here’s a list of themes for food enthusiasts and restaurant owners: Need hosting for your restaurant site? Click here to compare the 5 best WP hosts. I hope you liked […]

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Top 5 Places to Find a WordPress Developer

WordPress is an open source script that can be customized by any professional PHP developer. If you want to give your WordPress site a facelift, there are thousands of professional web development firms that can help you. However, working with a development company is not always a great idea. Firstly, most of these companies are […]

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SEO for Small Businesses

Many people these days are starting small and independent businesses in order to have control over their income and financial future. With the internet constantly expanding, companies can get started with a simple website and minimal start up money. For anyone who is planning on starting a small business or has been in business for […]

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