How to Make Money with Website Flipping?

Making money on the web isn’t easy these days. The level of competition in most niches is incredibly high. However there are still some business strategies that anyone can use to make money online. One of these strategies is website flipping.

As you might know, the very first step towards a successful and profitable website is niche selection. There’s no point in building a website in a niche that no one is interested in. There has to be a market for what you’re going to be promoting on your site. Something at least a small number (and preferably a large number) of people are interested in reading about or buying. The more popular a site’s niche, the more it will be worth.

What Kind of Sites to Sell?

There are essentially three different types of sites you can make and sell every day with ease, because these sites are always in demand:

1. Mini-Niche Sites -These sites are usually no more than 20 pages, are in blog form, and focus on posts talking about the topic of your niche.

2. Autoblogs – These are similar to mini-niche sites, except they’re set up to post things automatically, including articles. You just set the site up with auto posting software, like WP Robot (a very popular choice), WP-O-Matic, ReviewAzon, or something similar, and let it pull posts and product reviews pertaining to your chosen niche on a schedule you set, using keywords you specify.

3. Review sites – These sites are set up to review products in a certain niche or sub-niche. Each post is either a completely original review or an automated review using autoblog software. There are no purely informational posts.

How to maximize your income?

While it’s pretty easy to sell a basic niche site a day, either as an autoblog or as an original content site, you can ramp up your monthly income considerably by adding two to three long-term flips into the mix each month. A long-term flip is a website that is about six months old, content-rich, and has hundreds of existing back-links and a history of earning regular income. You can sell these sites for 10 to 12 times their monthly earnings, as long as you can verify that income with screen shots.

So, each month when you’re doing your weekly niche and domain name research, you should also select two to three niches and domains you intend to keep for a minimum of six months, work diligently on building them up until they’re earning at least $50 to $100 a month or more, and then start selling them a few times a month along with your regular niche site flips.

Of course this means that you’ll have to wait about six months initially for these longer-term investment flips to become profitable enough to sell, but once you’ve got your first one ready, you’ll always have a few ready each month if you’re diligent about making sure you start two or three of these sites each month. After about your sixth month of site flipping, using this strategy, you can ramp up your income considerably. If you’re already selling 20 to 25 niche sites a month at $150 to $200 each, then you’re making a minimum of $2,320 a month up to a maximum of $4,150 a month (depending on how many sites you’re selling and at what price.

Once you’re able to add in two or three longer-term flips into the mix each month, you can realistically sell these sites for $500 to $1,000 each. Times that by two or three, and that’s another $1,000 to $3,000 a month you’re adding to what you’re already making, just by including a few aged and higher earning sites each month! Imagine what a difference that will make in your finances! Keep this strategy in mind in your site flipping business, and you’ll soon be earning more each month than most people working full-time jobs out in the “real world,” and you’ll be doing it all from the comfort of your own home! How cool is that?

Mix up your income with a few older site sells a month (each month, sell two or three sites that are 6 months old or older, making money, for BIG bucks).

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