5 eCommerce Shipping Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Shipping is the final step in an online purchase. You should ensure that shipping creates a “wow” reaction from your customer. Doing so will result in repeat orders and positive customer feedback for you. However, there are a few ecommerce shipping mistakes that you must avoid. Read on to know more:

1) Not using correct packaging:

Err on the side of caution when it comes to product packaging. Proper packaging will help in building your brand’s identity. It will protect your package and will also determine how much you’ll have to pay the carrier. Don’t make the mistake of pinching pennies by using packaging that is ill sized and does not have bubble wrap for cushioning. Use proper quality packages to ensure that your customers don’t receive damaged items.

2) Not giving your customers options when it comes to package delivery times:

Each customer is different. Many will love the idea of free shipping, while others will pay extra for fast shipping. Don’t assume everybody wants free shipping. Provide your customer multiple shipping options to choose from.

3) Not listening to customer feedback:

If you give them the option, customers will provide their feedback about how their package arrived and in what condition it arrived. After successful delivery, send a personalized email to your customers asking how satisfied they were. In case many customers complain about delays in delivery, you should consider opting for better shipping options. These may be more expensive but will pay off in terms of future customer loyalty.

4) Not checking addresses and labels:

Make it a practice to check and recheck addresses and labels. Even if a customer entered a wrong address by missing out a digit in their zip code, make it your responsibility to check. You should use appropriate software to check whether an entered address is valid before shipping the package. Ensure that you use the proper label for your carrier.

5) Doing everything manually:

Many ecommerce site owners try to manage their shipping manually. While this may work when shipping volumes are small, doing this is a sure fire way of running into trouble when your business grows. Use shipping automation software to automate the shipping process. You can identify best rates, take care of documentation as well as dispatch and track updates in real time. By doing this, your business will save multiple hours in a day, which you can spend in a productive fashion elsewhere.

When your online business is starting to grow, you should optimize your shipping processes. After all, a properly packaged product delivered well in time will result in high levels of customer satisfaction. Follow our tips above to cut down on common ecommerce shipping mistakes.

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