Why the Authentic Blogging Voice Wins

Whenever you’re adding content to your website or blog, you want to make sure that your voice is natural and authentic. While some people are tempted to write academically, or some people just don’t care about style at all, there are many good reasons for wanting your natural voice to come through. Voice matters One […]

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Should You Blog Angry?

No one is 100% sure how many blogs there are online, but estimates range from 100 million to 200 million, with more being added every single day. In fairness, there are many blogs that are old, outdated, and pretty much abandoned. However this doesn’t change the fact that even on the low side, 100 million […]

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Are You Using Images Right?

You can find plenty of advice about blogging online, and especially how blogging needs to tie into SEO, but how do you know what advice to follow and which to ignore? It seems like everyone has an opinion, but sometimes instead of concentrating on some advanced SEO strategy or a theory of blogging, sometimes the […]

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