WordPress Wide Web

With each new step forward in technology comes apprehension often rooted in fear. When the first printing press was introduced in 1455 Gutenberg changed the world and how it viewed books and printed material. This change was not at all welcome by those in power and there was a loud cry against the new technology that allowed the masses access to printed material. Today the Internet and websites have changed the world. As the Internet grew there was a demand for web design and designers. Now, WordPress gives Internet users the ability to design and upload their own websites with ease. Like all new technology there is a cry against this with questions being asked if this is good or bad for the World Wide Web.


WordPress offers web design via an intuitive and easy interface. This means web users can set up a website in a relatively short period of time using their own copy and photos. WordPress allows the use of domain names or will provide a registration link should that service be needed. This is a great thing for casual users or those not savvy in HTML code and the machinations of web design. For casual users or organizations that do not need a sophisticated webpage this software is a boon. It saves money and provides easy access for temporary organizations or websites for simple purposes. Examples of who would benefit from such webpages include school booster organizations, bands or theater groups, photographers wanting to showcase their pictures or bloggers needing a simple and personally managed website.


The WordPress webpage service is limited in its scope and is very restrictive for organizations or people who need extensive eCommerce functions, security or highly interactive websites. One other con is the removal of work from web design studios or graphic artists. When the tools to make simple webpages are readily available to the masses the studios and people who dedicate their careers to design get compromised and lose work. Much like the fear and antagonism towards Gutenberg’s printing press, web designers feel threatened by technology that allows anyone access to web design templates.

The web is already a glutted and saturated place and when people can quickly make and upload webpages via a service like WordPress the situation does not improve. This is also the bane of search engines. Google had to change their algorithm during the “Panda” upgrade when content mills were uploading web pages by the millions. When these sites go up it makes sorting through search results all the more difficult.

Many of the fears that web and graphic designers harbor are soon dispelled. Businesses that require sophisticated and secure websites will always have a need for the skills that a professional design studio offers. There is no substitute for professional work and there seems to be no lack of demand for such services. WordPress web services are a fantastic tool for personal and small website needs but are lacking for high-end professional looking sites. This is why the WordPress services are a positive and negative to the World Wide Web.

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