Best WordPress Plugins For Creating a Coupon Website

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the internet. The best thing about WordPress as a blogging medium is the flexibility it offers; users can modify their blogs with plug-ins any way they want. Turning a WordPress blog into a thriving e-commerce website or social network is a simple task. In the following paragraphs we will have a look at some popular coupon plugins.

Earning money from discount coupons

Before making an online purchase, most shoppers trawl cyber space looking for discount coupons pertaining to their product or online shopping website of choice. Such coupons make their purchase cheaper and help them save money. Also, by offering discount coupons, the product site increases its customer base and by default, its net revenue. So how can bloggers earn money in this scenario? By providing a link between the discount coupons offered by the product site and the customers looking for them.

Adding a plug-in which enlists discount coupons will turn the blog into an affiliate marketing website. This is an extremely lucrative business model for bloggers. If readers of the blog make a purchase using the links and the coupons provided in the blogging site, the author of the blog will earn a healthy percentage as commission.

Best WordPress plug-ins for coupon websites

Given below are four of the best WordPress plug-ins for coupon websites which are available today.

Coupon Grab

This plug-in automatically searches the internet looking for discount coupons. Once it finds coupons, the plug-in saves them as drafts for the blogger to review and then, publishes them with either private (only to administrators) or public visibility. The user can not only choose the frequency of searches, but also, when to publish and the visibility of the published coupons.

Coupon Store

Embedding coupons and coupon stores into a blog is a relatively simple task if there are short-codes available. The Coupon Store plug-in provides a list of short-codes which allows users to embed different coupon related items into posts and pages. The stores offer both online and printable coupons for a variety of products.

Magic WP Coupons

Compared to other coupon plug-ins, the DV Magic Coupons plug-in provides greater freedom and flexibility when transforming a blog into a coupon site. This plug-in will allow the user to define stores prior to adding coupons. Also, the coupons can be positioned in various locations, which can increase the aesthetic value of the site.

Coupon Reveal

By providing attractive looking coupons, it has been shown that this plug-in increases click through rates up to 70%. Both easy to embed and easy on the eye, Coupon Reveal is one of the most popular coupon plug-ins available for WordPress today.


Affiliate marketing is a good way of earning money through a blog. However, it is prudent to remember that this field of online marketing is not without competition. In order to have an edge, a blog must have enough followers and visibility to make money. This will depend on the quality of content on the blog. A blogger should focus on optimizing the content in order to increase traffic, as more traffic generates more income. The quality of content should not be compromised.

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