Why the Authentic Blogging Voice Wins

Whenever you’re adding content to your website or blog, you want to make sure that your voice is natural and authentic. While some people are tempted to write academically, or some people just don’t care about style at all, there are many good reasons for wanting your natural voice to come through.

Voice matters
One of the main reasons for wanting to write naturally is that voice matters. Generally speaking it’s always better to have a smaller devout group of followers who like something specific about your voice or your style of writing rather than making something plain, neutral, or bland. No one remembers neutral and no one gets fired up over something that’s completely ordinary. Having a unique voice will help attract those readers who are more likely to listen, follow, and buy from you.

People can spot phony
No one likes dealing with a phony. This is true whether it’s in real life or online. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not and don’t try to take on another persona you think readers will like better. That type of act always wears thin and eventually always wears out. Being labeled as fake, phony, or shallow isn’t going to help you spread your message and you’re not going to be able to put your natural passion forward in your writing because you’ll be spending too much energy on the fake persona to really focus and put that energy out in your writing where you need it.

Passion is infectious
Whenever you write or blog about something you’re passionate about, that energy not only comes through in the writing but it is highly infectious. This doesn’t matter if you love your job, your hobby, or something else entirely. Look at how Neil DeGrasse Tyson has become world famous talking about advanced science – not an area a lot of people would consider accessible, but his natural joy and passion is infectious. When you write with energy, that’s going to get you more followers and get your message out to more people. Passion gets attention, it gets followers, and it gets you noticed. Don’t hide it behind an overly stiff or formal voice!

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