Where To Find High-Quality Free Images For Your Blog

You may be wondering where to find high-quality free images for your blog, and you certainly aren’t alone. Locating images that you can use without fear of copyright infringement can truly help you to elevate the look and feel of your posts. A picture is worth a thousand words as the old saying goes, and that is certainly true in the blogging world. Simply including one or two well-chosen images can transform your post from merely interesting, to eye-catching and irresistible. Yet, finding a steady source of quality pictures of all different types and subject matters that you can use can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are some sources that you can take advantage of, which will give you a large pool of free images to select from.



This should be your first stop, when searching for free images for your blog. Why? Pixabay was built for users to share their images freely, and they currently boast more than 200,000 free images in their database! Clearly, if you need a picture that is copyright free, than this is an excellent destination. Another added benefit of Pixabay is that you can search their collection, and they have their pictures broken down into specific categories. This makes is easier to locate the perfect picture for any post – saving you time and frustration.

Free Photos Bank


As the name would imply, this website has a fairly large database of photos, which are totally free for you to use. One of the advantages of this particular resource, is that the images are well-organized, making searching through them much more efficient than some other sites.

Unrestricted Stock


Their motto is no cost royalty free stock photography, and they live up to their promise. However, this is more of a niche image site, so don’t expect a large collection. Instead, if you are looking for an artistic photo that is just right for your blog, you may get lucky and find it here.

Free Images


Another option that has an extensive collection, Free Images gives you access to more than 350,000 photos. Keep in mind that you have to sign-up to use their service, and this can take some time to accomplish. However, with such a large number of images to choose from, investing a bit of your time to get an account established could pay big dividends in the long run.

When asking where to find high-quality free images for your blog, the options covered above are a wonderful resource. You’ll certainly have a large number of pictures to choose from, and each of these sites allows you to download and use their photos for free. This will enable you to make your blog visually appealing, and give you the opportunity to find the perfect image for your posting needs.

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