Website Features That Build Trust and Loyalty

Getting viewers to a site is an all-consuming task for many who operate on the web. But even more important is wowing them once they arrive so that they not only return, but bring their family, friends, and colleagues with them. However, building a bond of trust with visitors and inspiring loyalty in them is easier said than done. So here are just a few tips that every website owner and operator can take to the bank.

Stellar content

This has got to be your number one priority when creating a website meant to represent your brand. If your website is sloppy, has errors, or is downright boring, what does that say about your company? Web viewers have many, many options, even when it comes to niche sites, so lackluster content really only benefits your competitors. And considering that savvy surfers can spot a bum sight at a hundred paces, impressing them right off the bat should be your primary concern.

Open mouth, insert horn

Your website provides the first line of interaction you’ll have with consumers in many cases, so you want to make sure you let them know right off the bat why they should choose you. In all forms of business it behooves you to toot your own horn, and your website offers you an excellent platform to do so. Don’t hesitate to tout awards, add testimonials, and post positive media mentions.


This is a major concern for many who operate on the internet these days, and you don’t have to be a major player in your industry to come under attack by unscrupulous parties wanting to use your website as a portal to target your visitors. Perhaps the only thing worse that having your customers attacked by spyware and malware is having their personal information stolen. So you need to make sure your security is up to par if you want to create a trusted site that inspires loyalty.

Contact information

You know what’s not trustworthy? A company provides no way for customers to contact them. No matter what your business is, you need to make yourself available to clients. This means offering email support at the very least. A phone number, live chats, and/or a business mailing address (even a P.O. Box) are even better. They all lend your company real-world credibility and a sense of stability and they allow for better customer service.

The missing link

Sometimes it’s not what you have, but what you don’t have that matters when it comes to website features that will help to build brand loyalty. Websites that features tons of ads, especially intrusive ones like pop-ups or mouse-overs in the text, are bound to annoy viewers. And if you engage in linking schemes and blatant optimization like adding keywords where they don’t really fit, for example, you’re basically telling visitors that they play second fiddle to the search engines. That is, after all, why Google made many of the changes featured in Penguin. And adding tons of trackers may not endear consumers to your brand, either. So take a page from Coco Channel and remove some jewelry before your website leaves the house. The items that are missing from your site could definitely help to create the bonds of trust and loyalty that you crave.

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