Using Link Bait for SEO In the Post-Penguin World

linksIs it just my blog not getting the links it deserves or is that how the web works, you may ask yourself. Sometimes it pays to go out there and show the world your content deserves attention rather than wait for the links to come – and the most effective way to achieve that is through link baiting. Link baiting is essentially an SEO technique that lures others into linking to your site as a result of a fixed quality, usually in the form of creative posts and information.

For example, you could research into the rate at which people score underpaid and overpaid jobs and contrast both to stress the difference, if you had a finance blog. A research like this could prove to be an efficacious link bait if you post the results on your blog and do a little social media promotion, like tweeting and sharing on Facebook. That said, you won’t even need that if you already have a sizable following and a good number of returning visitors.

Why Link Baiting Works So Well

With other link building strategies, you will find yourself having to visit various websites to obtain a link. To ask for a link, you need to send a professional and meritable link request email. To get your guest post published on a valuable website in terms of authority, it has to meet certain requirements. But with link baiting, none of these are applicable. Webmasters and bloggers of authoritative websites are instead being compelled to link to you, for two reasons of course:

– the fabulousness of your newly published content
– the fact that you are the original source of the content

For these reasons, link baiting generates links on websites with extremely high authority – the type of links you probably would never earn with other link building methods.

The Key To Success With Link Baiting

Link baiting results in a sharp spike in traffic when authoritative sites succumb to your bait and even share it on their social media profiles encompassing vast amounts of followers. The traffic and link juice potential is huge, and you can get your website to rank for tough keywords with this strategy alone, but you need the “key” to succeed. The key is making your link bait go viral – and to make it go viral, you need to be inventive.

You need to be able to find interesting facts, conduct interesting research, and so on and turn these into articles or infographics that engross visitors enthrallingly. A powerful and alluring headline is also pivotal to get people clicking and reading in the first place.

So are you ready to embrace link baiting?

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