Using Instagram & Pinterest for Traffic

Getting followers to your blog can be difficult, and often times the best approach is putting out your brand in a variety of places to get the attention your business deserves. What does this mean? Aside from the obvious of having a Facebook fan page and a social media presence with your brand and your blog, and undergoing what you can with SEO, but you also want to look at other popular places where you can spread awareness and appreciation for what you have to offer. While picture sharing sites like Instagram and Pinterest are not considered heavyweights when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) but using both of these sites for attention and to encourage followers to take a look at your site.

Exposure is the name of the game here
Instagram and Pinterest both enjoy massive amounts of traffic with tens of millions of monthly visitors. This makes these websites great places to post your best pictures. Not only should you create an account with great photos, but you can attach hashtags to your photos that get them picked up and easier to be found via search on those sites and also online. In addition to this, your profile information can connect to your main website. If you get a huge following on these sites for your great pictures, some of those followers are going to check out what else you’re about back on your main website.

Fresh content is great to spread the word
In addition to expanding your social footprint, it’s important to always be perceived as putting out fresh content, and the search engines are going to not only notice your social accounts, but having an Instagram or Pinterest account means you can also publish these photos on your Facebook page or connect links to them on your Twitter feed. This not only keeps all your fans on social media engaged with your brand and up to date with what’s going on, but that’s going to be seen by the search engines as a huge plus when it comes to social media accounts. Being active is critical to getting the full amount of attention you’re looking for.

Being able to keep Facebook, Twitter feeds, and even Google+ accounts updated with new content (photos) without having to hire extra freelancers or social media managers is just an added bonus!

Pictures matter – make them a part of your campaign
There’s no question that pictures matter. One good pickup by Google images can drive thousands of new visitors to your accounts or your website. Taking advantage of Instagram and Pinterest might not directly affect SEO or your blogging strategy, but it’s a great way to expand your footprint and to give yourself the chance to see thousands of new visitors with just a few simple pictures.

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