6 Useful Productivity Tools for Bloggers

One of the major complaints often heard from bloggers is that ‘I want to blog, but I’m not finding enough time to do it’. Yes, it’s true – tasks like researching, writing, publishing and promoting require a great deal of time. However, nowadays there are many tools readily available on the internet which can make blogging extremely easy, effortless, and fun. With these productivity tools, blogging has become much simpler and you could get your daily tasks accomplished, even while on the run. Here are some of the top productivity tools for bloggers.

1. Memonic

Exceptional posts usually require a great deal of research. Researching however, can be quite time-consuming. Using Memonic, bloggers now enjoy an easier way of tracking and following their research as well as saving it for later. By using app, you can easily save any website content with simply a mouse click to their online note-book anytime. There’s no need to bookmark lots of websites and checking them out repeatedly.

2. Evernote

Most people have heard of the app Evernote, however, many still don’t use it. Evernote is the epitome of ‘brain-dump’ technology – whatever you think of, anything you like to read/write – it all gets into Evernote. It’s applications are countless – you can utilize this tool as a storage for your blog-post ideas, to save the articles that you’d like to read later on, to save your grocery list, etc. Also it syncs across all main platforms, so you shouldn’t be without it.

3. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is the simplest way to manage, organize and share your ‘To-do’ lists. If you’ve a lot of tasks due this week, this tool can assist you in staying prepared and organized. As a blogger, it is possible to lose track of all the posts you’ve to create, as well as the research you’ve to do. Add a reminder to ensure no ‘To-do’ is forgotten.

4. Zen Writer

Zen Writer is a tool that can be remarkably effective. It’s basically a stripped down text editor that presents serene backgrounds that keep the focus tightly on the text, letting you block any distraction and simply let the words and thoughts flow. Eliminating all the disturbances you find cluttering the screens can truly make a difference in your daily productivity, and this tool is a must for serious writers.

5. Google Docs and DropBox

We now live in a world where files need to be accessible from several platforms. The two most widely used (and perhaps the best) file-sharing tools are Google Docs and DropBox. DropBox provides you with 2GB free storage, with paid alternatives beyond that. It saves your ‘master’ files in the cloud, and syncs those files with specific folders across all your devices. Google Docs allows you to add and edit popular filetypes like text, word documents and excel spreadsheets.

6. Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is a powerful offline blog editor from Microsoft that can help bloggers write blog posts easily and quickly with no connection to the internet. The tool can easily be synced with WordPress. All you’ve got to do is sync your WordPress account. Once your blog-post is saved, you can export it automatically as a Draft whenever you go online. It offers all of the features a blogger need for ‘distraction-free’ writing.

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