Topics You Need to Cover on Your eCommerce Blog

So your ecommerce site has been up and running for a while but it hasn’t been getting the attention that you thought it would. One of the reasons might be that you don’t take the time to update your ecommerce blog regularly. Doing so allows you to keep the conversation flowing with your customers. But, how should you keep your customers engaged using your blog? Here are a few topics that you can cover:

1) Details of your products or services:

A blog post allows you to inform your readers about the products or services you offer. You will be able to give much more details in a blog post as compared to a product description. Think of it as an opportunity to give an elevator pitch to your prospective customers. What are the benefits, who may need the product or service, what are the interesting features and so on.

2) Gift ideas:

Write about gift ideas either for special occasions or seasonal celebrations like Christmas. The advantage of doing this is that you’ll get traffic from people searching for this in Google.

3) Tutorials:

Tutorials on how people should use products they buy from you will get a lot of attention from your existing customer base. Try to come up with novel ideas or a list of things they can do, like “10 cool things you can use your FitBit for”.

4) Customer success stories:

A blog post about a customer success story will add an extra level of credibility for your business. Contact a satisfied customer and ask if you can interview him or her and publish that on your blog. Doing this is a good way of getting other customers interested in purchasing that product or service.

5) Promote sales and special events:

Have special discounts exclusively for your blog followers. Just make sure that you don’t write about these every other day otherwise it won’t make much of an impact. A blog post about a limited period flash sale is a great way of moving inventory at a time when sales are down.

6) Write a blog post about your staff:

Writing about your staff humanizes your business. Each employee can give a different perspective about working for you. Your staff is your greatest asset. Allowing them to write about why they enjoy working for you is a fabulous way of engaging your readers.

7) Contests:

Hold occasional contests and giveaways to promote new products. Ask for something to allow the reader to enter the contest, like their email address or a comment on social media. Offering attractive prizes will ensure that the blog post gets shared on social media as well.

Today having a blog for your ecommerce business is not enough. You need to make sure that you engage your customers to keep them loyal. The above topics should get you started, but if these aren’t enough, consider getting another blogger to churn out a guest post. Get your customer, one of your vendors or an industry expert to give a different perspective on your business.

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