5 Things to Look for In a WordPress Restaurant Theme

There are two main purposes of a restaurant website: to make people want to eat your food, and to make obtaining your food as easy a task as possible. A website can make all the difference in the world for a business. An unattractive and difficult to use website will hurt a business, whilst a visually pleasing and easy to use website can send a business soaring. Visitors are going to connect what they see online to what they will experience in person, so be sure to make a fantastic first impression. There are hundreds of different WordPress restaurant themes out there. However, you have to be sure that you’re using one that will make your food business soar, rather than sink.

Menu Support

The most important thing for your restaurant website is a menu containing information about the food that your business serves. Make sure the WordPress theme you’re interested in has the ability to support a menu and that the menu is visually appealing as well as easy to understand. The theme should also let you add prices, descriptions, and suggestions to your menu.

Reservation Form

A good WordPress restaurant theme should have a built-in reservation system. Through your website, guests should be able to make reservations for the same night or even days ahead of time. A fantastic feature to look for when it comes to reservation forms is the ability to automatically remind customers of an upcoming reservation. With this feature, guests won’t forget and you won’t be left with an empty table. Unfortunately this is an advanced feature and is available in only a select few themes out there.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is the most widely known e-commerce system for WordPress. If your theme supports this plugin then you can establish a brand new revenue stream on your website. You’ll be able to set up a store, allowing fans to order popular foods online and have them shipped right to their doorstep (a fantastic feature for bakeries and sweet shops). You can also set up a delivery or to-go service and let guests pay through your website. In short WooCommerce support is a big plus.

Google Maps Integration

Google Maps integration makes getting to your business a piece of cake for guests. This feature is especially great for those viewing your website on their phones. All they have to do is simply click on your address from their phone and the Google Maps GPS will take them right to your establishment.

Social Media Integration

Social media is a huge part of the world today and is definitely something business owners are able to use to their advantage. There are many ways to mesh a restaurant’s website with social media, you just have to make sure that you find a WordPress theme that integrates seamlessly with popular social media sites. Your visitors should be able to do things such as comment on your website through Facebook, follow your latest tweets without having to leave your site, and so on. Now a days, these features are extremely important.

Creating a website for your restaurant or other food business can be a huge step in the direction of money and success. At first, finding a high-quality wordpress restaurant theme and building a website may seem a bit overwhelming. However, if you know what key features to look for ahead of time, you can easily build a profitable online presence.

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