5 Things to Look for in a WordPress Music Theme

For the most part, there are two different groups of people that visit a band’s website: those who are just finding out about the band and are interested in listening to them for the first time, and those who are already fans of the band and want to know what they’re up to and when they’re coming to town. A good website should appeal to both the old time fans and the curious newcomers. The key to creating a successful music website with WordPress is to find the perfect theme. There are many different WordPress music themes available out there but you should only consider buying the ones that offer these five things:

Audio Support

The most important thing to include on a band’s website is the band’s actual music. Whoever visits your website would want to listen to your latest album. When looking for a WordPress theme, be sure to find one that allows the inclusion of an audio player on the homepage. The best type of audio player is one that allows tracks to be muted, paused, and skipped. Just because your fans love you, doesn’t mean they want to listen to EVERY song you have at that moment. Moreover you should keep in mind that people hate websites that start playing sound as soon as they are loaded.

Event Manager

A must have on any band’s website is an event calendar. Whether you’re going on tour or doing meet and greets, fans are going to want to know where you’re going to be and when you’re going to be there. Extra features to look for when looking at different theme’s event managers are countdown timers and ticket availability. Countdown timers are a fantastic way to get fans psyched up for your next event and ticket availability lets fans know if there are still seats available.

WooCommerce Integration

The ability to make money through your website it a fantastic thing. The more money that your website makes, the more money you can put right back into your music. With WooCommerce integration, you’ll be able to set up a store right on your website and sell your latest albums and band merchandise. Your next show is sure to be filled with fans wearing band t-shirts, hoodies, and whatever else you decide to sell.

Google Maps Integration

Google Maps Integration makes getting to your next show or meet and greet an absolute breeze for fans. This feature is especially fantastic for those viewing your website on their phones. All fans have to do is simply click on the location of the event they’re interested in getting to and the Google Maps GPS will take them straight to the venue. Now you don’t have to worry about fans getting lost on the way to your shows.

Social Media Integration

Social Media is a huge part of the world today and you should use this to your advantage. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter play a very large part in creating and maintaining a band’s fanbase. There are many different ways to mesh a band’s website with social media, you just have to be sure to choose a WordPress theme that offers social media integration.

Creating a website for your band can be a very large leap in the direction of money, success, and more fans. At first, finding a theme and and creating a website may seem like a daunting task but if you keep the tips given above in mind, you can easily find the perfect one. Look for these key features and get ready to take the leap.

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