Should You Install a WordPress Social Media Plugin For Your Website?

By 2015, 25% of all websites on the internet use the WordPress platform and this number continues to grow.

This gave way to numerous plugins that promise to supplement the needs of its users. The rise of social media as a marketing platform also paved the way for people to develop new plugins relating to such websites.

However, not every WordPress social media plugin proved to be useful.

We’ve compiled the best of the bunch that we believe is exactly what you’re looking for. Revamp your website with the following social media plugins and watch your viewership and engagement increase.

Sassy Social Share

The Sassy Social Share WordPress plugin allows visitors to share your content on popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and more.

It boasts support for over 100 social sharing or bookmarking services with “Follow” icons that redirect your visitors to your social media page. The sharing icons are customizable, with options for changing the shape (Square, Round, Rectangular), the size (minimum 16 pixels), the background color, and the logo color.

It also comes with support for share counts on select services: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Buffer, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Odnoklassniki, and Vkontakte. However, it requires a third-party app to retrieve the actual counts.

The free social media WordPress plugin has a ton of other options to allow you to fit the design of the buttons to the theme of your website.

Shared Counts

This social media plugin is suitable for large websites that get millions of views per month. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and email sharing.

Shared Counts also features many styling options and allows you to insert the buttons pre- and/or post-content. You can also put buttons in the middle of the post by using the [shared_counts] shortcode.

Overall, the app is pretty friendly to developers. Everything is customizable so that you can design the buttons in a way that they fit your overall WordPress theme. The plugin also stores and caches the data in post_meta, unlike other plugins, which make it easier for you to access the counts.

Social Media Auto Publish

Another one of the best social media plugins is the Social Media Auto Publish which automatically publishes your post to social media websites. It currently supports Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It allows you to post what you like on specific social media accounts through filters based on category and custom post types. You can also publish different types of post on the platforms.

On Facebook, for example, the social media plugin lets you post a status with an image, attach a post, or share a link. You have limited options on Twitter and LinkedIn, though, as you can only post to these websites with an image.

WordPress to Buffer

This social media WordPress plugin schedules publishing to social media platforms for you. It supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ among others, but it does require you to have a Buffer account as the API connects you to the service.

Users liked it because of its ease of use and simplicity – you can share scheduled content and evergreen content to all your social media websites with a click of a button.

It’s a free plugin, but it has a Pro version that has added functionalities, such as being able to post on your Pinterest board or on Instagram. It also gives you the option to have different status on each account or to add featured images with the update.

Revive Old Post

Want to keep your old posts alive and keep the traffic coming in? Revive Old Post can automatically share those for you on Facebook or Twitter.

You can specify the time between posts and the number of posts you want to share. This also works for your new posts as well, so you can share both your new and old ones for more traffic.

The social media plugin also makes use of hashtags and links back to your site, but the free version doesn’t support images. The Pro version allows you to do that, plus it also allows you to set a custom schedule and custom share messages. Furthermore, Revive Old Post Pro supports additional platforms, such as Tumblr and LinkedIn.

Instagram Feed

If you’re a regular use of Instagram, you have the option to share your beautiful feed with your WordPress visitors through the aptly named plugin Instagram Feed. Aside from it being simple to set up, the plugin allows you to connect with multiple accounts. It’s your choice whether you want to display the pictures from different accounts in the same feed or separately.

The plugin allows you to engage with your visitors, which may also make you gain some followers on the platform. Your visitors will also be able to infinitely load your Instagram photos so that they won’t need to go to a separate website.

You have a lot of freedom in the customization of your feed. You can adjust the width, height, number of columns, number of photos, image size, spacing, and more. The WordPress social media plugin tops it all off with a beautiful header and a follow button at the bottom.

Better Click to Tweet

Many users regard Better Click to Tweet as one of the best WordPress social plugins, and rightly so. With the plugin, you will be able to highlight a text and make it Twitter ready by adding a “Click to Tweet” text. This then allows your visitors to quote the text on their accounts with or without “via.”

The plugin claims to be better than others with the same function because it also features some under-the-hood functions. It’s able to count characters correctly, including Roman characters. Furthermore, it makes the text ready for translation and it uses the official shortcode API, which means forward-compatibility and security.

The Best WordPress Social Media Plugin

When looking for the best social media plugins, what matters most is your needs then the plugin’s functionality.

For more tips on a WordPress social media plugin and other WordPress stuff, visit our blog and contact us today!

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