Is WordPress the Right Platform for You?

Picking the right platform for your content is essential to establishing your online presence. If you end up changing platforms once, it’s probably not a big deal. However, jumping around from platform to platform can take precious time away from your website. The end result will be a highly fragmented web presence, which will be hard to overcome even with the best SEO efforts.

There are a multitude of blogging platforms out there to choose from, but you need to find one that will work best for your individual needs. As you probably already know, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems out there. Individual needs vary, so deciding on a platform is an individual decision. The following are a few of the reasons why WordPress just might be the right platform for your website.

1. WordPress is free. For many people, this is a deciding factor. Some people put the free factor at the top of their list for choosing a particular platform, and this might be the case for you and WordPress. For a free content management system, WordPress is an amazing piece of software. Not only is the core free, but there are thousands of plug-ins to expand the functionality of your site that are free, as well. It would cost you lots more money to pay a web developer to build something so powerful from scratch.

2. WordPress is open source. There are more WordPress developers in the world than any other developer. This is nice, because it means that no matter where you live or work, there will always be a WordPress developer close by to provide you the assistance you require. Regardless of what happens to your website, within the enormous WordPress community, you’ll be able to find an expert to take over your site. Another benefit of the WordPress platform is that other WordPress developers can custom build additional functionality beyond the original platform.

3. WordPress is SEO friendly. As long as you are using unique content with appropriate keywords and quality back links, a WordPress website has the potential to rank high in searches. Other considerations for you to think about when developing your website include ease of use, customization, and portability. What’s more, WordPress is friendly for novices. If this is your first time designing or managing a website, WordPress can provide you with the ease of use that you require.

In essence, there are a multitude of reasons for choosing WordPress for your website. WordPress offers free upgrades and a universal platform, as well. It’s easy to change the layout, and it also offers one-step posting. If you’re trying to decide on the right platform for your website, or maybe just looking around, give WordPress a good chance and see if it’s the right platform for you.

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