How to Choose a Freelance WordPress Developer

Have you decided that it’s time for your business to have its own website? Are you trying to figure out exactly what your site will look like, and how effective it will be at promoting your product or your service? If you’ve decided that you are ready to find a professional to develop your WordPress site, then it’s important to consider a few important tips first.

1. Consider more than just the developer’s portfolio

Anyone trying to get hired as a developer knows that it’s important to have a good portfolio. That being said, most developers showcase their best work, and this is fine. However, a clean portfolio shouldn’t be the only aspect of your hiring process. When you are sifting through WordPress portfolios, ask questions about the projects. Did the developer complete the entire job alone? Did the developer complete the design or the development part? When reviewing portfolios, you can also ask to see work that is similar to the project you have planned so that you get an idea about how well he or she can complete your unique project.

2. Ask questions about project development

Sometimes it helps to find out how a particular developer envisions your final project. It also helps to find out how organized he or she is, and how much planning is expected to go into your site. You don’t want to get stuck with someone who is unorganized or difficult to communicate with, and you also want to make sure that you don’t find out that you have different visions for the project, either. In the best case scenario, you find someone who is open with communication, honest about his or her previous work, and clear about the project expectations.

3. Speak to previous clients

Many people start a development project but do not get the results they are seeking. To avoid disappointment and to guarantee that your project is on the right course, ask if you can speak with a previous client who can attest to the developer’s expertise and professionalism. Speaking with a previous client will help you decide if this developer is the right fit for your project, and will help you avoid the hassle of needing to reassign your project and start over again.

4. Find out how familiar the developer is with WordPress

Ask your potential developer questions about the different functions and plug-ins for WordPress. If he or she can answer most of your questions, and can even provide a few examples to clarify, then you are likely in good hands. Ask about his or her development skills, and find out about his or her comfort level with customizing plugins.

5. Talk money

Make sure that your developer understands your budget. If you have a fixed rate, then discuss this before any work is completed, and make sure that you have something in writing. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of having a new site created for your business, so make sure that your developer is aware of your specific budget and your specific needs.

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