Guerrilla Marketing Hacks to Help You Make Your Blog Visible

Every day, a typical person who goes online is bombarded with countless advertisements – left, right and center. As a result, many prospective customers end up becoming immune to the ads. Using the same type of advertisement as everyone else is fast becoming ineffective; and is regarded as vanilla marketing.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is guerrilla marketing – a bold, creatively aggressive method of getting a blog (or any other product) noticed. Guerrilla marketing tactics can make your blog stand out from the crowd, without using the expensive and often ineffective techniques that everyone else is using. Here are some timeless guerrilla marketing tactics for bloggers which are relevant even to the modern cyberspace.

Using a Meme

A blog can be considered as a digital product. So it makes sense to use some of the great techniques available for promoting such products, and a meme is a fantastic example. A great viral strategy involves the use of memes which are already available and popular. Alternatively, you could create your own meme. However you have to keep in mind that creating and popularizing a new meme requires a lot of work and there is no guarantee that it will get off the ground.

Sponsoring Local Events

Sponsoring local events can work wonders for the reputation of your blog. While arranging an event you should try to make it as memorable as possible.

Come up with a social event which brings people together and lets them have a good time. A karaoke night would do great, after which a vlog can be created from the event. There are countless alternatives to this; hosting a free car washing event, arranging a street flash mob dance, hosting an event where your content is read live to those in attendance and so on.

Using Giveaways

Everyone likes free stuff. Well, almost everyone but still! Hold a contest where people end up going home with t-shirts, caps, teddy bears or even mugs. However, seek to stand out by encouraging readers to do something which will be featured on the blog. Some great methods which have worked in the past include accepting crazy and funny photos from the users. Accepting guest blogging and publishing the best blog, or even doing a pageant which would go towards a worthy cause. Getting positive press attention is one of the most rewarding outcomes of a contest.

Creating Physical Brand Awareness

This gets the blog some exposure in the physical world, away from the digital ads. It may involve printing some cards which will be encountered by people on tables of cafes, supermarkets and on the streets. Better still, use some QR code stickers for the job, and let them be found in the wild. The more people meet with your brand in the real world, the more likely they are to give your blog a visit.

Do you have any other guerrilla marketing strategies in mind? If yes, let us know in the comments section.

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