Top 5 Places to Find a WordPress Designer

If you are a small business owner and want to give your site a facelift then hiring a freelance WordPress designer is the ideal option for you. But where do you find such a “solo” flier? Actually, many professionals decide to go into business on their own, and work from home by contracting their services out on a short term basis. Following are the 5 top places to find a WordPress designer:



This is a freelance website where employers post jobs and freelancers bid on available work. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to find the ideal professional for your project in minimal time. All you need to do is post your project details in the WordPress development category and wait for designers to apply.

Elance provides 24 hour professional support to all employers and workers. This is probably the best place to find a proficient and qualified WordPress designer for hire.


– The website supports escrow services to protect your money until the project is complete
– The activity of each contractor is recorded using a nifty desktop application
– The support staff is really helpful


oDesk is an another powerful freelancer website with more than 10,000 active job listings. An interesting feature of this website is that it allows you to build and manage a large team of workers.

The site has several administrative tools that help you choose the best contractors and help you better control the administration of your active projects. Using the work-diary you can see the work happen in real-time.


– The website offers a money-back guarantee but only on hourly jobs
– Posting projects is free
– The contractor pricing is very competitive
– The website supports Paypal
– Easy to understand tutorials to help you make the most of the service



This is one of the oldest freelance networks in the world. It started as an exclusive site for programmers and web designers but gradually branched out to other areas including administration, content writing and creative work.


– Offers full money-back guarantee to buyers for either fixed-rate or hourly projects
– No charge for job posting or selecting contractors
– Screen recording options that allow employers to track progress of work
– Offers 24 hour support

Script Lance

Script Lance

Another great place to find WordPress designers for hire. It doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee to employers, but is still a great alternative to the websites given above. It does have a very minimal service charge of 5%, which is the lowest in the market.


– The company doesn’t offer arbitration services
– Posting a project does have a cost
– The site does have escrow services
– Fees are fair as compared to other similar sites


Freelancer is probably the most widely known website on this list. Over the years it has helped millions of businessmen from around the world. However, due to uncontrolled expansion it is facing many serious issues. A large majority of freelancers on the site are incapable of providing professional services. You should check out the other sites mentioned in this list before posting your job on Freelancer.


– They offer a money-back guarantee, but only a partial refund.
– The site requires a $5 posting fee and charge an additional 3% when you select a contractor. They also have hefty freelancer fees, deposit fees and transfer fees.
– This website doesn’t record any freelancer activities which can allow a contractor to easily deceive an employer or vice versa.

WordPress is a free, Open Source script application that uses PHP, a powerful server-side language. The platform allows anyone to build a website and update content without having to mess with HTML code. This is this feature that makes this platform popular among experienced web designers and novices alike.

One of the most interesting aspects of WordPress is that it gives website owners the ability to customize certain features, or even rebuild the entire layout. But this can be difficult for people who don’t have coding experience.

Those who don’t have coding experience usually customize their websites to a certain degree by installing special plugins. However, features are limited this way and issues can arise when you want to upgrade to a newer version of WordPress or move your site to a new web server. The easiest way around these problems is to hire a WordPress designer. The other option is to learn the programming language yourself (a process that can take forever – maybe even years).

Hiring a Professional WordPress Designer Team

You can, of course, hire a local, professional web development company to do the job for you, but PHP professionals are somewhat expensive. Besides, a company that does this type of work often takes a long time to complete the project (due to work load issues) – and you may not get exactly what you want, as there is often a difference between what you want and what the company thinks you want.

Short Budgets

One of the best things about the freelance websites is they allow you to choose from a worldwide work force. So a project that may cost you more in one country, costs you significantly less in another.

Bottom Line

WordPress has more than a few advantages. By hiring the right designer, you can get your WordPress-powered website to look and function just like a custom built website. With the help of one of the above freelancing websites, you can find a great WordPress designer for hire.

Just make sure you select from proven freelancers and avoid using a new freelancer with no feedback or work history. New freelancers are more likely to take the job and then forget about it, without even advising you of their decision not to take the job. Such people also tend to make more mistakes than their experienced counterparts.

Remember, take your time in choosing a freelancer. Don’t rush into the project, as this could cause you to make the wrong decision.

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