4 Creative Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

For the vast majority of online marketers their entire traffic generation strategy revolves around using a small number of well-known methods and techniques such as SEO, PPC and perhaps running an affiliate program. Unbeknownst to themselves, they are leaving vast quantities of targeted traffic on the table by sticking to this approach and not branching out and exploring other creative ways to drive traffic to your website. This leaves a tantalizing and valuable opportunity on the table for savvy marketers willing to learn lesser known traffic generation techniques because not only do these creative generation traffic greatly increase visitor levels but they also allow you to fish in a traffic pond where there is virtually no competition. Let’s take a look at these powerful traffic strategies now!

Produce Your Own Podcast!

One of the most effective methods for driving traffic for free is by setting up your own podcast. Not only does it get the creative juices flowing but it also effortlessly establishes your brand as a leader in your niche/industry as well as having the potential to go viral. Several highly successful websites – such as ChinesePod.com and Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income – have been built largely through podcasting. It is really simple to get started as all you need is a microphone, the free Audacity audio recording software and an outline of a topic to talk about.

Give Away A Free Book On Kindle!

Kindle publishing is all the rage these days with many thousands of people trying to get a slice of the action on Amazon by publishing their own book. What most people fail to realize is that by forgoing the Amazon royalty percentage you get on each Kindle sale and instead giving your book away for free you can potentially generate a lot of traffic. When you give away your Kindle book for free a massively greater number of people will download it and then read it. By encouraging this group of people from within your Kindle eBook to visit your website for extra information or a gift, you can easily generate a lot of extra traffic over time.

Put Together A Helpful Tutorial On Your Topic!

A little known yet hugely powerful technique for generating traffic is by using your knowledge and creativity to produce tutorials on the topic of your website and then submitting them to the most popular tutorial and e-learning sites on the web. Everyday hundreds of thousands of people search the web to learn how to do virtually everything from graphic design to repairing a leaking roof. By submitting a tutorial branded with your website name and a link back to your site you can steadily drive targeted traffic which already has a good feeling towards your brand (since you helped them in the tutorial) and is more likely to stay and then buy something.

Create A Free WordPress Theme!

If you are good at graphic design you can do this for free or alternatively you can outsource it for a hundred or so bucks and get a really good return on investment in terms of traffic. Simply put, millions of people across the globe are looking for attractive free WordPress themes to run their blogs from. If you create one and then give it away with your website name embedded in the design then, over time as more and more webmasters start using it, you can get a lot of direct traffic from the visitors who come to their sites on a daily basis and see the theme.

Building a website is very easy, but promoting it can be quite challenging. Using the strategies given in the above paragraphs you can easily drive high-quality, organic traffic to your website or blog.

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