5 Books that Every Blogger Should Read

Books for bloggers is almost a genre unto to itself. These books cover everything from setting up your blog to monetization to the philosophy that guides successful bloggers. Here are some of the most useful, and inspiring, books for bloggers.

The Art of Non-Conformity

non-conformityBy Chris Guillebeau

The Art of nonconformity could be called the manifesto which guides much of the blogging community. Based on Guiilebeau’s uber popular blog its key message is that you can live the way that you want to rather than what is expected. Guillebeau explains in detail how to change your mindset so that you can reject the status quo and live life on your own terms. It is also recommended that you pick up a copy of Guillebeau’s other book “The $100 Start-up.” If the Art of nonconformity is the philosophy behind being a successful blogger, then the $100 start-up is the blueprint for achieving it.

WordPress To Go

wordpress-to-goBy Sarah Mcharry

To be a successful blogger it is virtually essential that you understand how to use WordPress. WordPress now powers one in every six websites on the Internet. It has also become the de facto standard for bloggers. WordPress to go by Sarah McCarry is one of the best books on how to set up your own WordPress blog. It takes the reader through the entire process from selecting a domain, installing WordPress and creating a professional looking website. The book doesn’t assume any previous knowledge of WordPress or coding ability which makes it perfect for beginners.

The war of art

war-of-artBy Stephen Pressfield

Stephen Pressfield’s book the war of art tackles the issue of how to defeat what he calls “resistance”. Resistance is that thing which blocks creatives from fulfilling their potential and achieving their goals. The war of art teachers bloggers how to recognise their own internal resistance so that they can expect it and overcome it. The War of art was published in 2002 and since then it has become a firm favourite of the bookshelves of some of the most successful bloggers.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

jabBy Gary Vaynerchuk

Vaynerchuck is a legend in the social media and blogging world. In his book Jab, jab, jab, right hook he lays out a blueprint for connecting with your customers and telling your story in a world where getting attention can be very challenging. One of the most useful aspects of this book is it teaches how to create the kind of content that is suited to social media platforms and mobile. The key message of the book is that in order to succeed we need to give value before we receive it. It’sa principle that Vaynerchuck has used very successfully in his own business and something that all bloggers should understand and embrace.

Let go

let-goBy Pat Flynn

Let go is Pat Flynn’s own story of how he went from an out of work at architect to running one of the most successful blogs on the Internet. On Smart passive income Pat Flynn shares advice with this community about how to build their own moneymaking blog. Let Go isn’t just Flynn’s memoir. It also shows the exact tools, systems and processes that Flynn has used to turn has blog and for highly profitable business.

Reading blogging literature is great for finding tips and strategies that can help your grow your own blog. But more importantly, they show that blogging for a living is not only possible, it can also be an incredibly fulfilling pursuit.

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