Benefits of Having a Self-Hosted WordPress Website

For those who want to start their own websites and earn money online, a self-hosted WordPress website is a great option. If you can afford to shell out few bucks per month, and invest a little time to figure out the basic ins and outs of setup and installation, this can be extremely beneficial for your business. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the benefits of having a self-hosted wordpress website:

1. You are allowed to have your own domain name

One appealing factor of having a self hosted wordpress website is that you get to have your own unique domain name. You can use online domain search tools to get your website a home that is professional and dependable.

2. You get access to private email ids

Most of the self-hosted plans for wordpress come with personal email addresses and mailboxes, allowing you to manage and control emails, aliases, forwarders, spam filters and much more.

3.There are no design or styling restrictions

With a self hosted wordpress website, you won’t have any styling and functionality restrictions. For full website customization and control, there are thousands of plugins and themes available to you.

4. Self hosted websites are more profitable

You’re in control of your website – you don’t need to display ads if you do not want to, and if you do wish to display ads – you will be the only one benefiting from those ads. This is certainly not the case with free platforms like

5. Self hosted websites give you room to expand

With a self-hosted wordpress package, your website can flourish without any hindrance. There are absolutely no restrictions to worry about. The scalable nature of the today’s hosting services means you can easily upgrade whenever you want to, without having to pay extortionate prices.

6. Extra Features

There are a number of features, which you won’t find on free platforms. Some of these extra features include: custom error pages, multi-site capabilities, FTP access, automatic daily backups, one-click installs of several top quality applications, and much more.

7. SEO benefits

Creating a wordpress website on your own server gives you the freedom to improve search engines. Individuals also often invest more faith in a self-hosted website having a custom domain name, which means more backlinks and authority for the website.

8. No Hidden Fees

On free blogging platforms, you need to pay for even small upgrades. For instance, with, you need to pay for things like custom design, videos integration and removal of ads. With self-hosted plans, you do not have to pay for any such thing.

The most important benefit of creating a WordPress website on your own server is that everything is solely under your control. You will have the ability to customize your website and have the design and functionality you want, with no restrictions whatsoever.

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