4 Reasons Why Blogging Consistently Is So Important

There are a lot of things that bloggers may discuss, disagree, and even bicker about, but most of them will agree on one practice: that blogging consistently is extremely important if you want to succeed online. There are several good reasons for having this outlook when it comes to blogging. After all, the dedicated blogger is much closer to success than the undedicated one. There’s absolutely no denying that!
So why is blogging so important? There are several reasons that blogging on a consistent basis makes a huge difference. For some people a consistent basis is going to mean daily while for others once a week will do the trick. Honestly it doesn’t make that much of a difference so long as once you set up an expected schedule you stick with it. So decide on a realistic posting schedule you know you can hit consistently and charge forward from there.

Reason #1: Loyalty is fleeting online

Let’s face it; attention spans are not what they used to be. While plenty of bloggers are successful with a once a week posting, and some might even get away with a couple posts a month, you won’t find a blogger out there who can go silent for several months on end and then just pick back up right where he or she left off from. A long absence means losing the following – that’s just the way it is, so consistent blogging is critical.

Reason #2: All about the long tail keywords
Anyone who has studied how people find websites via search know that up to 16% of searches every month involve a combination of words that have never been used before. Main keywords, despite being searched for the most, only account for 20% of searches. That means the enormous number of long tail keywords combine for 80% of all traffic. The more posts you have and the more words you write, the more long tail keywords your blog will have for readers to find.
Reason #3: Helps make you an authority
Authority sites don’t get that way overnight. They get their by producing quality content post after post for dozens to hundreds of post. It takes a wide variety of time to build up the vault of good content it takes in order to become an authority in any niche. The constant blogging and adding content is what’s going to help create that content and trust you need in order to rise to the top of any niche.

Reason #4: Google likes fresh content
Google and other search engines love fresh content for a variety of reasons. Aside from the long tail keywords that get added from new content, the consistent updates mean your site will be crawled on a regular basis, and visitors who become regular readers will spend a lot more time reading the content and staying on page. Having a low bounce rate and a longer average visit time per visitor on your site are both metrics that help improve your search engine ranking, as well.

Google likes to see visitors who take some time to stay on the page, and they hate seeing people show up and then immediately leave. Fresh content helps take care of both of those issues in one fell swoop.
These four reasons show why adding fresh high-quality content on a consistent basis is so important for bloggers, but these aren’t the only reasons. Blogging consistently will help you find your voice, your tone, and improve your overall writing. Nothing beats repetition as a teacher! That’s why, for these reasons and more, it’s time to get to blogging and knock it out of the park!

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